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Our Inspirations

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Lata Kulkarni

Late Mrs Lata R Kulkarni (1931-2007) was, is and will continue to be the spirit and soul of Lata Medical research Foundation. As reflected by the serene face, calm expression and resolute determination she personified the true values of LMRF in particular and of life in general. An elegant litterateur of Marathi, she was passionate about the use and usage of the language. It was her focused vision, her extremely cool temperament and the desire to succeed in life in the face of and in spite of adversities that she has passed on as legacy to the LMRF members.

The LMRF owes its existence and its current name in the field of medical research to the far-reaching and powerful vision of Mrs. Kulkarni. In one and all, she inspired a flicker of a will to succeed and enthused them all with the ‘stop not till thy goal is reached’-philosophy. She has helped LMRF grow at the expense of some personal sacrifices that – in respect of her own wish – remain unknown to many a people, including the LMRF members. She will, by way of the fond thoughts and warm wishes, continue to reside in the realm of medical research and of social ethos.

Vimal Chandra Grover

Late Mr. Vimal Chandra Grover (1922-2004), a successful businessman lived by the Gandhian principle of commerce with a conscious. The son of late Kaviraj Shiv Dutt a renowned ayurvedic physician of Punjab, he graduated in Arts from the University of Punjab, married Dr. Shobha Grover and settled in Nagpur. The father of four children, held responsible positions in many advisory committees to the government, Vidarbha Industries Association, Vidharbha Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Nagpur and Indian Red Cross Society. He believed in the vedic principles, was an arya samaji and lived the moral principles propounded by Benjamin Franklin.

He was an ardent reader and left a legacy of rare books on religion, spirituality and biographies which reflect his own spirit. He made large personal donations to the Punjab Association, Ramkrishna Mission, built an orphanage, and created a trust dedicated to medical, ayurvedic and homoepathic treatment and research. LMRF is fortunate to have its office in the premises of Kinkini Grover Charitable Trust started by him.

PS Bidwai

Late Dr P.S. Bidwai (1932-2000) was trained in internal medicine in Indiaand USA (under Dr Tinsley Harrison) and later received cardiology training in theUSA. He briefly joined All India Institute of Medical Sciences before joining Department of Cardiology at PGI Chandigarh where he served for 28 years and retired as the Head of the Department of Cardiology. He is credited with starting pediatric cardiology in India.

He will be fondly remembered as a great teacher, an intellectual of immense stature and a wonderful human being who was liked by patients, colleagues and students alike. He has authored nearly 100 research publications in his areas and passions of medical research. During his brief time as an Honorary Member of LMRF, he was a model of humility combined with knowledge and love combined with discipline.

P Amin

Late Dr. P. W. Amin was an agriculturist by profession and a practical scientist by temperament. Born in Morshi, he obtained his doctorate from University of California at Berkeley. After serving as a scientist in ICRISAT and publishing more than 50 peer-reviewed research papers, he was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of the reputed University – Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth. He established an NGO called NAADEM in 1993 which was instrumental in linking agricultural research institutes and farmers through its commitment to the dissemination of crop-production technologies, ensuring sustainable productivity in farmers’ holdings. NAADEM undertook comprehensive planning to bring about overall village development.

When Dr. Amin passed away in 2006, NAADEM was successful in revolutionizing the farming practices of Vidarbha region and many parts of Maharashtra. Dr. Amin’s dedication and commitment for the advancement of scienLce was also enjoyed by LMRF. One of the founder members of Lata Medical research Foundation, he was instrumental in forming and shaping the philosophy of LMRF – research for the benefit of all. His presence then was immensely valuable and his absence now is greatly missed.


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  • August 15th, 1999 – Inception.

  • August 1999 to August 2002 – 15 Training Workshops conducted.

  • June 2004 – First LMRF Publication.

  • June 2004 to December 2009 – Over 40 publications in peer-reviewed International journals.

  • February 11th 2008 – LMRF receives D-U-N-S number.

  • August 7th 2008 – LMRF is recognized as Clinical Epidemiology Unit by IndiaCLEN.

  • August 19th 2008 – LMRF registered with NIH’s  eRA portal.

  • December 8th 2008 – LMRF cleared by Government of India to receive foreign funds under FCRA for research.


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  • State Public Health Dept.
  • National Institute of Health, USA
  • Australia-AID and National Institute of Health, USA
  • AUS-AID, World Bank and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Global Network for Women and Children’s Health
  • The World Bank
  • Alive and Thrive
  • The Welcome Trust
  • The Inclen Trust
  • World Health Organization (WHO and Health Action International (HAI)

Also, LMRF has been successful in securing grants from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Consortium of Affordable Medical Technology (CAMTECH), PATH, Alive and Thrive, World Bank, CommCare Dimagi, Aus-AID through South Asian Infant Feeding Research Network (SAIFRN) as a result of the strong maternal and neonatal health registry experience.


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Lata Medical Research Foundation was formed to improve the overall health of the community. Constant inquiry into truth and seeking to define a broader range of options are essential for further Medical Discovery. Health research depends on ceaseless updating and refinement.

The foundation is based in Nagpur, India and is involved in activities to conduct, facilitate and extend health related research-both fundamental and applied.

Biomass fuel use increases the risk of cataracts: Study

27 June, 2014 News
Biomass fuel use increases the risk of cataracts: Study

Drs. Kulkarni, Narlawar, Sukhsohale, Thakre and Ughade have published a study that synthesized the existing epidemiological evidence which shows that families using biomass fuel for cooking are at an increased risk of developing cataracts. This paper has been published in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research.

This is LMRF’s paper #66.

LMRF conducts a workshop on Scientific Writing.

27 June, 2014 News
LMRF conducts a workshop on Scientific Writing.

LMRF faculty conducted a skill-building, interactive workshop on scientific reporting on 5-7 July 2013. Dr. Archana Patel, Dr. Vijay Thawani, Dr. Kunda Gharpure, Dr. Leena Dhande, Dr. Yamini Pusdekar, Ms. Smita Puppulwar and Ms. Leena Kurhe conducted various interlinked and detailed sessions in this workshop.

This workshop was highly attended and hugely successful.

Dr. Patel completes her short academic visit to Australia.

27 June, 2014 News
Dr. Patel completes her short academic visit to Australia.

Dr. Archana Patel visited the University of Sydney from 21st to 23rd August 2013 and the International Congress of Pediatrics, Melbourne from 24th to 29th August 2013. In Sydney, she was invited as a Expert Faculty to conduct workshop titled “Action For Child Health: Role for Nutrition”.

This was a highly successful visit where Dr. Patel was able to share her expertise with all the attendees. On the side, this small world also permitted Dr. Patel to connect with Dr. Atul Prabhu (a member of LMRF) while in Australia.